Monday, July 6, 2015

Mark This Book Monday: Burn and The Wrath & The Dawn!!!

Hello there guys!!

I hope all you US peeps had a brilliant weekend with the 4th of July and the Women's World Cup win, and I hope that my fellow Europeans are surviving the bloody awful heat wave!

Today for Mark This Book Monday I have two mini reviews for two books that have been part of a very good reading binge, until I ended up with a massive book hangover last weekend. Both count towards my 105 Challenge, one as a 2015 Release and the other as Fantasy book! And since one of them is also a debut, it counts towards my 2015 Debut Author Challenge!

Burn (The Rephaim, #4)Burn by Paula Weston

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is what a final book in a beloved series needs to be! And this is the perfect finale for this series, with the good and the bad and the fights and everything! 5 stars doesn't start to describe it properly!

Writing a proper review of this one is gonna be rather difficult, given how easily I might end up spoiling either this book or any of the previous 3, but given how the summary tells you the big ending of the previous book... Just trust me, start reading this series now!

Gaby has to be quite one of my favourite female characters with her flaws, her loyalty and her way of fighting what doesn't make sense and accepting things once they are proven. And I love that despite getting all the missing pieces, she still made herself anew!

We get quite a few twists and surprises when it comes to getting all the pending information, and trust me, we do get it in spades! Some of the twists are quite game changers for all the characters. Some unexpected alliances happen, and some moments of hilarity also unexpectedly happen!

The romance in this series is the most awesome mix of attraction/slow burn/complicated relationship that you can find, and even if we find out what happened in the past between Rafa and Gaby... it made me root for them both even more!! *happy sigh*

Another thing that I loved about this book is how important the relationship between siblings is, because Jude and Gaby and their relationship really is pivotal on everything that happens, the good and the bad. Splitting apart and getting back in touch... and you gotta love how even when choosing different sides, it is a great depiction of a familiar love!

And I don't want to fail to mention how much I loved that friendships are also very much important in this book. Between Rafa and Jude, Gaby and Maggie, and how those friends stand various tests, one of the biggest the revelation of not being human and fighting demons!

If you are a fan of angel books, you NEED to read this series. If, like me, you really aren't too keen on books about angels... you NEED to give this one a try, as I did!! Aussie angels are different mate! ;)

The Wrath and the Dawn (The Wrath and the Dawn, #1)The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


*takes a deep breath*

Okay, now I feel like I can attempt to write a somewhat coherent review, now that a pair of days have passed and I still feel very strongly about the book but not as lost for words!

First of all, I haven't read 1001 Nights properly, but I do own a gorgeous edition of the books, and I've read quite a few of the stories as children's stories and know a bit about the general plot of the book.

That might have been for the best given how this one is a loose retelling, and although we get some stories told at night here too and those I was quite familiar with, we get more of the day to day of Shazi and Khalid and how their relationship changes in unexpected ways for them both.

The writing and descriptions are fantastic, lush and visual and I was completely immersed in the book! So much that I completely devoured it in a day! The clothes, the architecture... the FOOD!! I'm still craving Indian and Persian food after reading this book because so much amazing food!!

I loved Shazi as a character, she's loyal, she's fierce and her internal monologues where always very sincere. I love that she can be trying to achieve her goal and protect her family, but she finds herself learning more and her feelings change and she never really lies to herself.

Khalid is a more difficult character to relate at first, because we know so little about him, but we also know there's so much more about him, about the deaths and about his fight for his kingdom, and as Shazi discovers it, so do we. I feel like I fell for Khalid right beside Shazi!

Political intrigue, magic and love, this book has them in spades! Add to that a completely heartbreaking ending and you find yourself as I did, screaming for a sequel! A fantastic debut very much worthy of 5 stars!

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman: Mini preview review and PREORDER CONTEST!!

Hey there guys!!

Happy Friday! And happy start of the long 4th of July weekend to those of you in the US! Also happy belated Canada Day to all my Canuck friends!

Today I am going to share my love for one of my BEA books that will come out in September with a mini preview review, since it's still a lil early and also spread the word on the preorder contest that is going on for said book!

Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman was one of those books that I knew I needed to get from BEA this year, and even though I'm not sure if they had any drops or anything, me and my BEA crew got our ARCs by the very simple method of going to the HMH Books booth and ask about it!

As the mood reader that I am I really couldn't wait till a closer time to release date to read Vengeance Road (but at least it's not as bad as already having read Truthwitch, that comes out in Jan... I know, I know!!) and since I had like well enough Erin's Taken trilogy ( I still need to read the final book though, soon!) I was pretty excited to read this one!

Vengeance Road truly blew me away! I loved it from beginning to end! It took me a lil while to get used to Kate's dialect (and the general way everyone speaks in the book) but after the first 4 chapters I was so immersed in the book and the story, it just felt natural to me!

I'm not the biggest western lover or expert but I've watched my fair share of John Wayne movies with my dad and enough episodes of Bonanza on weekend mornings to not be a complete newbie, BUT, I don't think I've really read a western book before, unless you count the 3 Rin-Tin-Tin ones that my brother had?

Vengeance Road was both atmospheric and had a very visual setting, you could almost feel the scorching heat and the dust in your eyes! I loved how Erin did use a real legend and added some historical characters into the story as a base for Kate's story. I loved how the pace was quite fast and a lot happened in the book but never to the point of being overwhelming or confusing, and I love how we got some seriously unexpected plot twists here and there!

Kate is quite a cactus character (I love that metaphor that Amber Argyle created on her Summer Queen book and plan to continue to use it!) very prickly and for a while she had me a bit worried about her lack of remorse, but I love how by the end of the book she was both stronger and softer than she was in the beginning.

There are two boys, but no love triangle, unexpected allies and a band of bandits that hide more than one ace on their sleeves, a quest for Vengeance and gold and redemption and quite a few shocks and deaths and a wonderful slow burn romance and a heroine that doesn't know the meaning of giving up!

Not only I gave Vengeance Road 5 stars but I also have it preordered already! And I MUST INSIST that you all go and preorder this one! If you liked Erin's previous books you must get this one and if you weren't too keen on them... I insist even more!!

And if you need a lil bit of a push to preorder the book already... Erin Bowman has a fantastic contest going on in her website. You get an awesome swag pack just by preordering the book, and then you enter a contest to win even more awesome stuff! For more details, click HERE!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mark This Book Monday: ARC Review of Tangled Webs by Lee Bros

Hello there guys!!

Continuing with my trying to get back into the rhythm of blogging after my hiatus, today I have a review of an ARC, trying to get back into my nearly 80% ratio that I had in NetGalley before May and when all the apartment and moving thing started!

So here we are, another Mark This Book Monday and another ARC review. Unfortunately this one was read after an amazing contemporary and it failed to get my attention or pull me from the book hangover from the previous book.

Tangled Webs (Tangled Webs, #1)Tangled Webs by Lee Bross

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This could be a case of bad timing, more of a it's not you, it's me kinda thing. I usually adore historical fiction but in this case I was not as captivated as I usually am.

There wasn't anything wrong with the world building or any historical innacuracies, but there was a certain vagueness to everything as far as the background and the setting. It was London, but other than some references to the foggy weather here and there... my impression is that we don't know nothing of the atmosphere, nothing much but a blurry background. The only setting that felt more real was when we went to the docks and Grae's ship. Only then I felt like it was a real place more than a setting in a play.

I wasn't very keen on the plot progression either mostly because some of the twists were really out of nowhere and very much on the "why now?". Instead of shocking me, they kinda disappointed me, to be entirely honest. And I wasn't keen at all on how Arista seemed to be so clueless when it came to plotting and saving herself when she has spent so many years being a courier and proveyor of secrets.

The romance felt a lil too much too fast, and although I understand that the 18th century was a different time and that things could certainly go fast... From attraction at a dance to declarations of love and more... it just felt all too sped up! Their connection was sweet and their relationship was full of support and positive interactions, Grae being able to let her be who she is. But the way they get there, so fast!

One of my favourite parts of the book was the friendship between Arista and Becky, and how they supported each other and how Arista worried about her friend and wanted to make sure what's right and to ensure he friend would be safe and protected.

I also liked how Arista felt protective about the family she finds herself living with, and how it made her want to find a way out of the web of lies she had been living in.

Arista/Lady A wasn't exactly what I was expecting from the book's summary. She had a very tough life and she wanted out and wanted more. She didn't want to continue with that life, but given how she behaved and acted throughout the book, it feels like she wasn't as good or as savvy at her job as you could have expected.

It was a fast read because it was easy to read but it wasn't captivating and by the end I was a lil annoyed at how things were progressing and the twists that happened. In the end, I cannot give this book more than 2.5 to 3 stars.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Reads: A Court of Thorns & Roses and The Girl At Midnight!!

Hello again guys!

For the first Friday Reads since quite a while I'm bringing not one but two reviews, because even if I haven't been blogging, I haven't entirely stop reading, not at all! Maybe not as much as I would have wished, but I do have a few reviews that I want to share with you guys!

And I'm finally adding some books to my 105 Challenge, because although both are fantasy books that released on 2015, I'm counting one towards my fantasy category and the other towards my 2015 release category, as well as counting The Girl At Midnight towards my 2015 Debut Author Challenge!

A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An absolutely fascinating book that made me want to keep reading! Sarah J Maas writing is as captivating as always, and I loved the way she mixed Fae and Beauty and Beast and made it her own story.

I loved the characters and I loved what a fantastic main character Feyre was! So human, so flawed and so strong! She's her family's provider and she resents them for it, but it's been what has defined her for so long, that she doesn't know how to do something else, how not to be the one having to take care of them every time.

At first seems like her sisters both seem to be a bit of a stereotype, the sweet and oblivious one and the mean and uncaring one. But as the story progress both the reader and Feyre discover that there's more to her sisters than we thought as first, particularly Nesta "the mean" one.

As far as the Fae... I felt like everything was woven so well and the world building of the different courts and their differences and the politics of the Fae and the lies and the curse and all the monsters in the many shapes that they're presented! Feyre is introduced to the Fae through a rather nice Court with fairly decent Fae, with snarky Lucian and strong and brooding Tamlin. But then she finds herself Under the Mountain, and oh boy... all hell breaks loose in there. Everything about Fae trickery and their crazy games and politcs come true here, with Rhys reminding me a lil of The Darkling, dangerous, alluring but ultimately not to be trusted.

Tamlin also has his own allure and oh boy... the chemistry is off the charts when it comes to our slightly beastly Fae! I must confess the bite scene made me fan myself! If you've read it, you probably agree with me, and if you haven't... you'll know what I mean when you do!

For some reason I just didn't feel like the transition from distrust and fear to companionship and then love was done smoothly enough, or I simply didn't connect too well with it, so that's my reason to not give this one a higher rating, somehow it rattled me, but once she was Under The Mountain, despite her bad choices, I felt like the connection was so strong and worth moving mountains, no pun intended!

Really looking forward to the next book, even if I fear what's to come next!! Very much deserved 4 stars to this one!

The Girl at Midnight (The Girl at Midnight, #1)The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This one had a certain feel of similarities with other books I've read and loved but they were combined in such a way that was its own and never felt like something I had read before, if that makes sense!

I loved Echo and I loved her thieving ways and how much she loved books and I adored how she always had the aproppriate word for everything! She can be a bit prickly and closed up on occasion but I loved how she defied authority and had a fierce loyalty to those she loves, the family she found and made for herself.

The fantasy world was built up in a wonderful way, very visual and very grounded in the real world at the same time! I loved how we kept travelling from one city to another, and how through the writing and descriptions we got to feel like we were there, each one of them with their own unique flavour and flare!

Both the Avicen and the Drakharis have their own cultural differences fleshed out although we lack in-depth history about them and their war, which I suspect we'll learn more about in the next books in the series, that I cannot wait to read about!

Great main and secondary characters, with wonderful friendships and complicated relationships, including diversity in more ways than one!

Echo and her best friend had a wonderful relationship and banter, and I love how even though some of the events shape them both in very different ways, they find a way to remain friends and get through things together, their friendship helping them throughout.

Casius and Dorian also have a friendship that span centuries, even if it's not entirely as equal as it is for Echo and Ivy, but it feels stronger once Dorian stops being in denial and opens up to what might be out there.

Jasper is an interesting character, a scoundrel and not to be trusted easily, with a flair for the dramatic and beauty, that ends up surprising even himself with his capacity for selflessness!

The plot moved rather fast, with plenty of tension even in the moments our characters are trying to regroup and heal, and I was quite surprised when the climax resolved in the way it did! Quite the game changer and now I'm not sure how it's gonna play in the sequel!

All in all, most well deserved 4 stars to this one! Can I get the next one now?

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Fall Out by Gwenda Bond: Mini-review and Giveaway!!!

Hello there guys!

The blog is still "mostly" on hiatus, but now that most of the cleaning at the apartment is sorted and I have a pair of weeks till the kitchen people come, I'm gonna try and see if I can post more than once a week!

And to celebrate that, what better that a good giveaway, right?? Right!

This is one of those, spread the good karma sort of giveaways. I had planned to order a signed copy of Fall Out by Gwenda Bond from Malaprops because I needed that book and I love Gwenda and I wanted it signed, international shipping be damned! BUT, then I learnt that Gwenda was gonna be doing a signing of Fall Out at BEA!! *happy dance*

My gloriously beautiful copy of Lois Lane: Fall Out

My gain is your gain too, since I got my wonderful signed copy at BEA, one of you can win a non-signed copy of Fall Out! It will be shipped directly from The Book Depository (YAY Free Shipping anywhere!).

Just in case you're wondering why would ought to want to read Fall Out, I'm adding here my mini-review for it and then you can enter the giveaway via that handy rafflecopter at the bottom of the post! ;)

Lois Lane: Fallout (Lois Lane, #1)Lois Lane: Fallout by Gwenda Bond

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars. I absolutely devoured it at the airport! With a wonderful voice for Lois Lane as a teen, but one that doesn't mind getting in trouble if it's because she's defending those without a voice or digging for the truth!

I loved her, her friendship with SmallvilleGuy, her beginnings at the Daily Scoop and simply everything from the high school set up, Lois family dynamics, and her need to accept herself as different and to realize that she'll find friends being herself.

The plot could feel a lil bit familiar if you're a big reader of comic books or avid watcher of Smallville the show, not necessarily because it's been done before, but because it's the sort of supernatural case you'd expect the guy from Smallville and Lois to be involved with!

I cannot wait to read more Lois Lane books Gwenda, please & thank you!!

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About the Author:

Gwenda Bond is the author of the young adult novels Lois Lane: Fallout and Girl on a Wire, among others. She has also written for Publishers Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, among other publications. She has an MFA in Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and lives in a hundred-year-old house in Lexington, Kentucky, with her husband, author Christopher Rowe, and their menagerie. Visit her online at or @gwenda on twitter.


Open international as long as The Book Depository ships to you.
It will be purchased from TBD and shipped directly from the site.
I will be checking the entries, so no cheating!
Good luck!

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Summer Queen by Amber Argyle Rockstar Tours Blog Tour: Review & Giveaway!!

Hello there guys!!

This week I'm breaking radio silence to take part in the Blog Tour for Summer Queen by Amber Argyle, organized by the ladies of RockStar Tours!

I'm going to share my review for this books and there will also be a giveaway at the end of the post, but before that, let's learn a bit more about the book and the author!

SUMMER QUEEN by Amber Argyle
Pub. Date: June 23, 2015
Publisher: Starling Publishing
Pages: 280
Formats: Paperback, eBook


Nelay never wanted to be queen. Poised to become the most powerful priestess in Idara, Nelay doesn’t have time to become a pretty bauble for the king. She’s too busy saving her people from the invading army sweeping across her kingdom. But in defeat after defeat, Nelay begins to realize a bigger power is at play than that wielded by mere mortals. Only she can stand between the cinders of her once-great nation and the vengeance of a goddess.

About the author:
Amber Argyle is the number-one bestselling author of the Witch Song Series and the Fairy Queen Series. Her books have been nominated for and won awards in addition to being translated into French and Indonesian.
Amber graduated cum laude from Utah State University with a degree in English and physical education, a husband, and a two-year old. Since then, she and her husband have added two more children, which they are actively trying to transform from crazy small people into less crazy larger people.

To learn more about Amber, visit her blog at

You can find Amber on TwitterFacebookGoodreads, and Pinterest.


Last year I read and loved Winter Queen so I was pretty excited to read Summer Queen and I'm very happy to report that it didn't disappoint!

Nelay is a girl from the desert that could see the fairies and because of a bargain she made is taken to the temple to be trained as a priestess. She becomes a powerful priestess, a strong woman and one that doesn't want to get her choices taken from her. I loved her determination, her strenght, her loyalty to her friends and her family and even with her flaws I simply adored her!

When you love the main character in a book, you are enthralled by the world building and fascinated by the plot, how it moves, and waves and makes small references to what happened in Winter Queen and expanding the world and making it even more complex and not easy to predict at all!

The world building was fantastic and the writing so vivid and visual! I kept feeling like I was in the desert, suffering the heat during the day, shivering in the night while watching the stars in the sky... Tasting the food, fighting the battled, plotting and planning. It weaved perfectly from the desert with its tribes and their culture, to the culture of the cities and their complacency, the court and its luxury and intrigues.

The secondary characters were very well fleshed out, even if some might have seemed two dimensional at first, we discover that there's much more to them than we thought, even if we continue to dislike them on occasion. There are allies, friends and enemies and some of them I instantly liked and others that were like a cactus, prickly outside but squishy inside! (Best metaphor ever!).

I loved this book from start to finish and it felt like it was over too soon! The pacing was fantastic and so many things kept happening and I just didn't want it to end! I cannot wait for the next book! Very well deserved 4.5 stars!


3 winners will receive the eBook bundle of The Faerie Queen Series. International 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

BEA 2015 Recap - Day 3 Friday!!

Well, it feels nice blogging a bit more continously now, but I'm sadly too busy with the apartment preparations to even dare to hope to have time to have a minimum of two posts up per week, let alone a more regular posting schedule!

Still, here I am with the recap for BEA Day 3, Friday or the DAY-WHEN-ALL-THINGS-HAPPEN-AT-THE-SAME-TIME!!

Once again, I owe all my awesome bloggy & bookish friends for being kind enough to send me all the pics because my phone is a piece of sh*te! THANK YOU!


Once again, we decided to get up early to be at the Javits when the lines are just beginning to form, which means that in the morning I wake up, get up and get ready, and wait for the rest of my roomies to get up while having my tea (which is a rather so-so kinda tea because there's no kettle and I made it every morning with the scalding water from the shower, so... well, yeah). Once again, breakfast from the deli (cream cheese icing bagels for the win, I miss having them for breakfast!).

This time our big group of ducklings was divided between Black Widow and Six of Crows, so our crew was split gone to line up at two different entries to the BEA floor. The Six of Crows line (closer to the authographing area) was Britt, Sarah, Cassie, Melissa, Cristina and myself. This line was a lil better organized, even if we were told to squish together several times, there were no other weird shenanigans!

Once we got in, the pre-line for Leigh Bardugo got started by the great staff at the authographing area, those ladies in the neon green tees knew what to do!

While waiting in line I was hoping to spot Kim and Layla from The Midnight Garden and author Jen Ellision, but no such luck, too many people all over the place, so that's the one big bummer from BEA, not being able to meet these wonderful ladies!

But I got to meet the very lovely and purple-haired and super awesome Melissa Grey that was nice enough to take pics with us and sign bookmarks!! *squeal*

The line for Six of Crows was rather insane, because loads of people used their "first in line" passes for it, so they realized they had miscounted the about of ARCs they had, and had to cut the line early. We were lucky enough to get ours signed and Leigh Bardugo was brilliant! She was super nice and lovely and took time to talk and sign even when she was being hurried! Also, some sort of magical powers because look at her hair being flawless even with the NYC humidity!!

And after Leigh Bardugo I was good till the Soundless signing, so I just roamed around a bit, hang out with my roomies, met with Jenny from Supernatural Snark again, had lunch with Britt, Sarah and the adorable Xander from Forever Bookish (he was doing BEA with his mum and both were beyond adorable!).

Right now, as I'm writing this recap, I'm wondering if I got just two book on Friday or if I got three as my brain seems to be telling me, but I cannot for the life of me remember what other could have been that third book? So yeah, let's just assume I just got Six of Crows and Soundless!

I used my "first in line" pass for Soundless but was a lil disappointed when we were told "no photos and no personalization" and that bummed out feeling along with the fact that we were saying bye to a lot of our bookish friends meant that I didn't have the energy to try and stay for the Rae Carson line (I already had the ARC but wanted to meet Rae) so we left soon after...

BEA was an amazing experince but it also left me so very tired!!
Some lessons learnt on how to make BEA better for myself: Plan differenly next year and make sure you arrive a few days before BEA so the bloody jet lag doesn't kill you as much! Add extra maybes to your schedule so if you get out of a line early you know what you might want to try for and not just wander aimlessly and end up missing things!

I'm really REALLY looking forward to attending BEA16 because I'm already planning and plotting with my bloggy/bookish friends and it's gonna be EPIC!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

BEA 2015 Recap: Thursday - Day 2!!

Hello again guys!

I'm still damned busy but I want to try and work on the recaps for all 3 days of BEA for this week, so here I am again!

Today it's all about BEA Day 2 - Thursday!

Once again, thank you everyone for allowing me to steal your pics for this recap!!


Me and the roomies had agreed on waking up super early to be at the queue so we'd get a good spot to try and make it to the Passenger signing! My #1 priority was the Firewalker signing by Josephine Angelini, but my roomies were so excited about Passenger and so sure of our BEA game, that they convinced me to go with them to the Passenger signing and then run to the Firewalker line at the authographing area (which was much better organized than the entering BEA line by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!).

Waking up early for me was a piece of cake, because JET LAG! but everyone else had a bit of a harder time, we then went to grab our breakfast at a deli (YAY for cream cheese bagels!), took an Uber and parked ourselves in the line for BEA around 6:45, mission acomplished!

We were joined by the rest of our crew aka the ducklings, Octavia (Mama Duck!), Nikki, Christina, Cassi, Melissa, Cristina (and her brother) and Dan! Having breakfast, chatting, plotting, sharing info, dancing to Christina's music... the works!

Meeting people at the line is fantastic because it's when you have the most time to chat! But BEA staff are a real disaster when it come to organizing lines, like bringing a part of the line from behind to the front to make rows of four, like WHAT IN THE BLOODY F!?!

Before being allowed to get in at 9 am we were repeatedly admonished "DO NOT RUN!", they must have been scared of having a repeat of the Truthwitch avalanche! ;) As such, I didn't run, just walked briskly and made it at a very decent spot for the Passenger line with Britt and Sarah. We chatted with Jamie, I met the lovely Gillian from Writer of Wrongs (I couldn't believe she knew who I am!) and had a barrels of laughs with the very unique Marlon from We Live & Breathe Books.

Meeting Alexandra Bracken was simply amazing! She's freaking adorable and so wonderful to chat with! She was telling me all about how she wants to come to Spain on vacation!! Resisting reading Passenger early will be VERY hard!!

And in case you were wondering, that's my TARDIS cardigan and my custom made Piwicakes tote that Becca painted for me! I got a lot of people complimenting my tote, my R2D2 bag and my TARDIS cardigan! Clearly bookish peeps are my people! ;)

Right after getting my book signed I parted ways with my roomies to head to the authographing area while they went to another drop. The line for Josephine Angelini was not too bad and my roomies soon joined me! Josie was adorable and her publicist commented that I was the person coming from father away they'd had!

Proof that my roomies are the bestest, Becca grabbed me an ARC of A Curious Tale of the In-Between by Lauren DeStefano because she knew I wanted it!

Then I decided I wanted to stay around the authographing area because I wanted to meet & hopefully get a pic with Wendy Higgins and Sara Raasch! I planned to wait till their lines were over to approach them, and while I was around the Wendy Higgins line I met Jenny from Supernatural Snark!!

Jenny and I have been commenting and chatting in each other blog comments for a long time and I was super excited to meet her at BEA! We spent the time at Wendy's line chatting and she's as adorable in person as in her blog and Twitter!

Wendy was also an absolute sweetheart and I was beyond happy to get to meet her!! My phone failed but Wendy took a pic of us with her phone and I'm still overwhelmingly happy that she has that photo as her Twitter avatar!! *hyperventilates*

I also got to meet and say hello to Sara that was lovely, but no photo because my phone sucks...

And then joined the line for Heather Demetrios that was lovely as well! I got a super cute hamsa charm along with a lovely postcard and my signed copy of Blood Passage! Now I can read book 1 and survive the awful cliffhanger I read about! If Heather Demetrios made me love her contemporary books, I cannot wait to read her fantasy series!

I spent some more time hanging around with Jenny and her absolutely adorable mum, then joined the roomies for a lil while, but then they went for the Libba Bray signing and I had nothing in my schedule till the Fall Out by Gwenda Bond signing, that was my other priority for the day!

I decided to go to the Disney booth and get in line to get the Magnus Chase sampler and the shield! for Sarah, I got there super early, joined the by then tiny line thanks to Melissa (thanks girl!) and spent the time chatting with Jon and Nori and also met the lovely Hazel from Stay Bookish! She made feel a lil bad for my poor camera at the hotel room, since she had her DSLR with her like a total pro!

And not only did we get the shield and the sampler (that I gave to Sarah) but we also got a totally tasty cupcake that I obviously ate as a reward! ;)

Still munching on my cupcake I dropped by the Capstone booth and saw that the line for Gwenda Bond was already forming, so I stayed there!

Gwenda recognized me by my Twitter handle and promised that she would write a sequel for The Woken Gods one day just for me (which probably means, so I can stop bugging her about it!). She was awesome all around and rocked her leather skirt as Lois herself would have! ;)

After that I joined my roomies and soon after that we headed back to our hotel room, so Becca could get ready for the Mcmillan party! While she was there mingling and having a blast, Britt, Sarah and I stayed in our room, had some nice NYC pizza and tried to recover! I decided to stay up till Becca returned and soon after she returned, I crashed the first one, once again!

My loot for Day 2! I did pretty well on restraining myself so these fit very well on my tote! One advantage of limiting yourself because of flight restrictions is that you don't need to take a rolling suitcase to the Javits, because books must fit in your tote!

More to come in the final day of BEA, stay tuned!